How To Record Google Meet As A Participant

Google Meet stands out as a widely-used platform for video conferencing, enabling users to communicate with one another from different locations. Among its various functionalities, the feature that particularly stands out is the capability to capture meeting recordings. This is especially beneficial for referencing in the future or for sharing with individuals who weren’t able to attend the live session.

Step 1: Join the Meeting

To begin recording a Google Meet meeting, you must first join the meeting. You can do this by clicking on the meeting link provided by the host or by opening the Google Meet app and selecting the meeting from your calendar.

Step 2: Enable Recording

Once you have joined the meeting, look for the “Record” button in the bottom toolbar. Click on it to enable recording. A notification will appear at the top of the screen letting everyone know that the meeting is being recorded.

Step 3: Pause or Stop Recording

If you need to pause or stop the recording, simply click on the “Record” button again. You can also resume recording by clicking on it again.

Step 4: Access the Recorded Meeting

After the meeting has ended, you can access the recorded meeting by going to your Google Drive and looking for the “Meet” folder. The recorded meeting will be saved as a video file that you can play back or share with others.


Recording Google Meet meetings is a simple process that can be done by anyone who has joined the meeting. By following these steps, you can ensure that important information from the meeting is preserved for future reference or sharing with others.