How To React To Zoom Chat Messages

Engage in Zoom chat conversations can serve as a valuable means to connect with your coworkers or peers while attending a meeting or lecture. Yet, it is crucial to understand how to respond suitably to these messages in order to maintain a constructive and respectful discussion.

Reading Messages

When you receive a chat message on Zoom, it will appear in a pop-up window on your screen. It’s important to read the message carefully before responding to ensure that you understand what the sender is trying to convey.

Responding to Messages

Once you have read and understood the message, it’s time to respond. You can do this by typing a response in the chat box and hitting enter. It’s important to keep your response professional and respectful, even if the sender’s message was not.

Using Emojis

Zoom allows you to use emojis in chat messages, which can be a fun way to add some personality to your responses. However, it’s important to use them sparingly and only when appropriate.


In conclusion, reacting appropriately to Zoom chat messages is an important skill for anyone who uses the platform. By reading messages carefully, responding professionally, and using emojis sparingly, you can ensure that your conversations remain productive and respectful.