How To Private Message In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a widely used platform for teamwork that enables participants to interact and work together. A notable functionality of Microsoft Teams is the option to dispatch private messages to either single members or groups within a team. This article aims to guide you on how to send private messages in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams

To start sending private messages in Microsoft Teams, you need to open the app. You can do this by clicking on the Microsoft Teams icon on your desktop or by opening a web browser and going to

Step 2: Click on Chat

Once you have opened Microsoft Teams, click on the “Chat” tab in the left-hand menu. This will take you to your chat list, where you can see all of your conversations.

Step 3: Click on New Chat

To start a new private message conversation, click on the “New chat” button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up a new chat window where you can enter the name or email address of the person or group you want to send a message to.

Step 4: Enter Recipient(s)

In the “To” field, type in the name or email address of the person or group you want to send a private message to. You can also add multiple recipients by separating their names with semicolons.

Step 5: Enter Message

In the “Message” field, type in your message. You can also attach files or images to your message by clicking on the paperclip icon or camera icon respectively.

Step 6: Click on Send

Once you have entered your message and any attachments, click on the “Send” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Your private message will be sent to the recipient(s) you specified.


Private messaging is a useful feature in Microsoft Teams that allows users to communicate with each other outside of group chats. By following these simple steps, you can easily send private messages to individual team members or groups in Microsoft Teams.