How To Prioritize Onedrive Sync

OneDrive is a storage solution based in the cloud, enabling you to reach your documents from any location. Yet, syncing can become time-consuming if you’re dealing with a vast amount of folders and files. This article will explore methods to arrange the syncing priority on OneDrive, ensuring your critical files synchronize ahead of others.

Step 1: Identify Your Priorities

The first step in prioritizing OneDrive sync is to identify your priorities. Think about which files and folders are the most important to you. These could be work-related documents, personal photos, or any other files that you need access to frequently.

Step 2: Create Folders

Once you have identified your priorities, create separate folders for each priority level. For example, you could create a folder called “Important” for work-related documents and another folder called “Personal” for photos and other personal files.

Step 3: Move Files to the Correct Folder

Now that you have created your priority folders, move the corresponding files into each folder. This will help ensure that the most important files are synced first.

Step 4: Change OneDrive Settings

To prioritize OneDrive sync, you need to change some settings in OneDrive. Open OneDrive and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. From there, select “Settings” and then “Sync.” Under “Files,” you will see an option to “Prioritize files by type.” Check this box and select the types of files that are most important to you.

Step 5: Monitor Sync Progress

After changing your OneDrive settings, monitor the sync progress to ensure that your priority files are being synced first. You can do this by opening OneDrive and clicking on the “Activity” tab. From there, you will see a list of all the files that are currently syncing.


By following these steps, you can prioritize OneDrive sync so that your most important files are synced first. This will help save time and ensure that you always have access to the files you need when you need them.