How To Manage Manual Subscriber Lists In Mailerlite

MailerLite is a popular email marketing platform that allows you to create and manage your own subscriber lists. One of the key features of MailerLite is its ability to handle manual subscriber lists, which can be useful for businesses that want to target specific groups of customers or prospects.

Creating a Manual Subscriber List

To create a manual subscriber list in MailerLite, you’ll need to navigate to the “Subscribers” tab and click on the “Create New Group” button. From there, you can give your group a name and description, and then start adding subscribers manually.

Adding Subscribers Manually

To add subscribers to your manual list, simply click on the “Add Subscriber” button and enter their email address. You can also add additional information about each subscriber, such as their name or location.

Managing Your Manual Subscriber List

Once you’ve created your manual subscriber list, you can start managing it by clicking on the “Subscribers” tab and selecting the group you want to edit. From there, you can view a list of all the subscribers in that group, as well as their contact information and any additional details you’ve added.

Segmenting Your Subscriber List

One of the benefits of using manual subscriber lists in MailerLite is that you can segment your list based on specific criteria. For example, you could create a group for customers who have purchased a certain product or service, and then send targeted emails to that group with relevant content.


Managing manual subscriber lists in MailerLite can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to target specific groups of customers or prospects. By creating and managing your own subscriber lists, you can segment your audience and send more personalized emails that are tailored to their needs and interests.