How To Make Someone Co Host In Zoom Meeting

Zoom meetings have become an essential part of our daily lives, especially during the pandemic. They allow us to connect with others remotely and conduct business or socialize from the comfort of our homes. However, sometimes it’s necessary to have more than one person in control of a meeting, which is where co-hosting comes in.

What is Co-Hosting?

Co-hosting is a feature in Zoom that allows multiple users to share hosting privileges during a meeting. This means that the co-hosts can control various aspects of the meeting, such as muting participants, starting or stopping the recording, and managing breakout rooms.

How to Make Someone Co-Host in Zoom Meeting

  1. Start a Zoom meeting as usual. Once you’re in the meeting, click on the “Participants” button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. In the Participants panel, hover over the name of the person you want to make co-host and click on the three dots that appear.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Make Co-Host.” The selected participant will now have co-hosting privileges in the meeting.

Benefits of Co-Hosting

Co-hosting can be incredibly useful in situations where multiple people need to manage a meeting. For example, if you’re hosting a webinar or a large conference call, having co-hosts can help ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


In conclusion, making someone a co-host in a Zoom meeting is a simple process that can greatly enhance the functionality of your meetings. By following these steps, you can easily share hosting privileges with others and ensure that your meetings run smoothly.