How To Link Hubspot To Zapier

If you wish to connect your HubSpot account with Zapier, you’ve come to the correct location! This not only streamlines your workflows, but also enables effortless transfer of data between the two systems. Take a look at our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this.

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, you’ll need to create one. Visit the Zapier website, click on the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Locate HubSpot in the Zapier App Directory

After setting up your Zapier account, navigate to the Zapier App Directory. Find the HubSpot app by typing “HubSpot” into the search bar and pressing enter.

Step 3: Connect your HubSpot Account

Click on the HubSpot app, and then press the ‘Connect’ button. You’ll then be prompted to log into your HubSpot account. Input your HubSpot credentials and allow Zapier to access your HubSpot account. This will establish the connection between both platforms.

Step 4: Test the Connection

Once you’ve connected your HubSpot account to Zapier, it’s important to test the connection. You can do this by creating a simple zap. A zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. For instance, you might create a zap that saves your HubSpot contacts to a Google Sheet.

Step 5: Create Your Zaps

Now that you have tested the connection, you can go ahead and create zaps to automate tasks between HubSpot and other apps. Click on the ‘Make a Zap’ button and follow the steps to set up your zaps.

You can set triggers (the event that starts your zap) and actions (the event your zap performs after it’s triggered). For instance, the trigger could be ‘New Contact in HubSpot’ and the action could be ‘Create Contact in Google Sheets’.

Final Thoughts

Having the capacity to link HubSpot to Zapier offers endless possibilities for automation, simplifying your workflows, and saving your time. It’s a straightforward process that can bring about big changes in your productivity. Happy zapping!