How To Know If Your Blocked On Instagram

Often, when our friend count drops or comments stop flowing from a certain user, our curiosity is piqued. Has that person unfollowed me or worse, have they blocked me? Instagram doesn’t notify users when they are blocked, so how do you figure it out? Here’s how you can confirm if you’ve been blocked on Instagram.

1. Search For Their Profile

Start by searching for the person’s username in the search bar. If their profile doesn’t appear in the search results or if you can’t access their profile, it’s likely you’ve been blocked.

2. Check Your Direct Messages

If you’ve previously sent direct messages to the person who you think has blocked you, check these messages. If the conversation is still visible but the user’s profile picture is blank and you can’t click on their username, it’s a clear sign that you’ve been blocked.


Note: Instagram removes the option to send new direct messages to someone who has blocked you.

3. Check Their Comments On Other Posts

If you find a comment from the person on a mutual friend’s post, try clicking their username. If you can’t access their profile this way, you’re likely blocked.

4. Create A New Account

If you’re still not sure, you can create a new Instagram account and search for their profile. If you can access their profile from this new account, but not your main one, you have your answer – you’ve been blocked.

In Conclusion

Although Instagram does not notify users when they’ve been blocked, using these methods can help you determine your social media standing. Always remember, however, that online actions can have real-world effects. Try to maintain a positive and respectful online presence.