How To Import Jira Issues From Csv

Incorporating and monitoring problems is a crucial aspect of project management. If you are utilizing Jira for your project management needs, you may have questioned the process for importing issues from a CSV file. This feature can be highly advantageous when transitioning from a different platform or when dealing with a large number of issues. This article will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively import issues from a CSV file into Jira.


Before we start the import process, you need to ensure that your CSV file is correctly formatted. The first row should contain the field names that match with the Jira field names. Every subsequent row would represent an issue with corresponding values.

Step 1: Navigate to the CSV Import Page

First, login to your Jira instance with an account that has Jira Administrators global permission. Once logged in, navigate to the CSV import page. You can do this by clicking on System in the top navigation bar, followed by External System Import under Import & Export section. Now select CSV to open the CSV File import page.

Step 2: Upload CSV File

On the CSV File import page, click on the Browse button to choose the CSV file you want to import.

Step 3: Configure the CSV File Import

On this page, you can configure the details of the import. You need to select the correct character encoding which matches your CSV file. Mostly, it is UTF-8. You can also choose a date format that matches the date fields in your CSV file. Furthermore, you can specify whether your CSV file uses CSV or Excel delimiters.

Step 4: Map Fields

Once you click on Next, you will be prompted to map the CSV field names to Jira field names. Make sure that all the mandatory Jira fields are mapped.

Step 5: Validation and Import

After mapping the fields, clicking on Next will validate your CSV. If everything is correct, you can now click on Begin Import to start the import process.

# Example of a CSV file

IssueType, Summary, Assignee, Reporter, Priority, Status, Description
Bug, Test Bug, john.doe, jane.doe, High, Open, This is a test bug.
Feature, Test Feature, john.doe, jane.doe, Medium, Open, This is a test feature.

And that’s it! You have successfully imported your issues from a CSV file into Jira. Remember that you need to have the right permissions to carry out this task. Also, ensure that your CSV file is correctly formatted to avoid any errors during the import process.