How To Get Longer Zoom Meetings

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Zoom has become an indispensable means of communication. Nonetheless, the duration of meetings is a common obstacle for many users. Free accounts are restricted to 40 minutes, while paid accounts are limited to 30 hours. This article will provide some helpful tips on how to extend the duration of Zoom meetings.

Tip 1: Upgrade Your Account

The easiest way to get longer Zoom meetings is to upgrade your account. Paid accounts offer more features and benefits, including longer meeting durations. For example, the Pro plan allows for unlimited meeting duration, while the Business and Enterprise plans allow for up to 30 hours of meeting time.

Tip 2: Use a Different Meeting ID

Another way to get longer Zoom meetings is to use a different meeting ID. When you create a new meeting, Zoom assigns a unique meeting ID that can be used for multiple meetings. However, if you use the same meeting ID for multiple meetings, the duration will still be limited to 40 minutes or 30 hours, depending on your account type.

Tip 3: Use Zoom Webinars

If you need to host a longer meeting with more than 100 participants, consider using Zoom webinars. Webinars allow for up to 500 attendees and have no time limit on the duration of the meeting. However, webinars are not free and require a paid account.

Tip 4: Use Breakout Rooms

If you need to host a longer meeting with multiple speakers or breakout sessions, consider using Zoom’s breakout room feature. Breakout rooms allow for smaller group discussions and can be used to extend the duration of the meeting. However, this feature is only available on paid accounts.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get longer Zoom meetings. Upgrading your account, using a different meeting ID, using Zoom webinars, and using breakout rooms are all effective strategies to extend the duration of your meetings. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Zoom meetings are productive and efficient.