How To Get Google Chrome To Read To You

Are you interested in listening to your preferred articles or blog posts instead of reading them? Do you find it difficult to read while multitasking and wish there was a way for articles to be read to you? Luckily, Google Chrome has a built-in feature called ‘Read Aloud’ that transforms text into speech. We will provide instructions on how to use this feature to have Google Chrome read to you.

Enabling Read Aloud on Google Chrome

  1. First, open Google Chrome. You can do this by clicking on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop or searching for it in the Start menu.

  2. Navigate to the webpage that you want Chrome to read out to you.

  3. Once you’ve opened the webpage, right-click with your mouse anywhere on the page to bring up a context menu.

  4. On this context menu, select the option that says “Read Aloud”. If you can’t see this option, your version of Chrome might not support this feature, and you might need to update your browser.

Your Google Chrome browser should start reading the text on the page to you. You can also control the reading with the media controls that appear, allowing you to pause, resume, and skip forward or backward.

Customizing the Read Aloud Voice and Speed

You can also customize the voice and speed of the Read Aloud feature. Here’s how:

  1. First, click on the three dots in the Read Aloud media control bar.

  2. Then, select “Voice options”.

  3. You will see options to change the voice and adjust the speed of the reading. Play around with these settings until you find a combination that suits your preference.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to have Google Chrome read to you. This feature can be a great help, whether you’re trying to multitask, have visual impairments, or simply want to rest your eyes.