How To Get Better Ai Players On Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs is a well-liked game mode in FIFA which enables players to form their own club and compete with other clubs through online matches. A crucial aspect of succeeding in Pro Clubs is having a dependable team of AI players who can assist your player controlled by a human. In this article, we will discuss some pointers on how to attain superior AI players in Pro Clubs.

Tip 1: Choose Your Formation Wisely

The first step in getting better AI players on Pro Clubs is to choose your formation wisely. Different formations require different types of players, so it’s important to select a formation that suits the strengths and weaknesses of your team. For example, if you have a strong attacking player, you may want to consider a formation with more forwards.

Tip 2: Train Your AI Players

Once you’ve chosen your formation, it’s important to train your AI players. This can be done by playing matches and completing training drills in the game. Training will help your AI players improve their skills and become more effective on the pitch.

Tip 3: Use Chemistry Styles

Another way to get better AI players on Pro Clubs is to use chemistry styles. Chemistry styles are special cards that can be applied to your players to boost their skills in specific areas. For example, a “finisher” chemistry style will improve a player’s shooting ability.

Tip 4: Use Player Instructions

Finally, it’s important to use player instructions to get the most out of your AI players. Player instructions allow you to customize how your AI players behave on the pitch. For example, you can instruct a defender to stay back and defend, or instruct a midfielder to push forward and attack.


In conclusion, getting better AI players on Pro Clubs requires a combination of strategic thinking, training, chemistry styles, and player instructions. By following these tips, you can build a strong team of AI players that will help you succeed in the game.