How To Flip An Image In Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an advanced software for creating digital motion graphics and compositing. It is commonly used in post-production for films and videos. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to flip an image using Adobe After Effects.

Prepare Your Image

First, you’ll need to import the image you want to flip into your Adobe After Effects project. You can do this by selecting File > Import > File, then choosing the image file from your computer.

Create a New Composition

After you’ve imported your image, create a new composition. Click on Composition > New Composition to create a new composition. Make sure the composition settings match the size and frame rate of the image you’re going to flip. Drag your image into the new composition.

Flip the Image

Now, let’s flip the image. To flip an image horizontally, select the image layer in the composition and then go to the “Transform” menu. This is where you can manipulate the position, scale, rotation, and other settings of the image.

In the Transform menu, hover over the “Scale” option. You should see two percentage values representing the X and Y scale dimensions of the image. To flip the image horizontally, you will need to invert the X scale dimension. You can do this by clicking on the X scale value and typing -100.

To flip an image vertically, you would invert the Y scale dimension by typing -100. Your image should now be flipped.


Flipping an image in Adobe After Effects is a simple, yet useful skill that can help you adjust your visuals and create interesting effects. As always, don’t hesitate to experiment with the software and find new ways to manipulate your images. Happy creating!