How To Fix Learning Limited Facebook Ads

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Facebook advertisements are a great tool for entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients. Despite this, advertisers may come across a common problem referred to as “Learning Limited”, which can impede their ad’s effectiveness and restrict its target audience. In this article, we will discuss methods to resolve this issue and improve the performance of your Facebook ads.

Understanding ‘Learning Limited’

Facebook uses a learning phase to understand who is most likely to fulfil your optimisation goal. When an ad is in the learning phase, its performance could be less stable, resulting in a cost-per-result that’s higher than usual. When the status of your ad reads ‘Learning Limited’, it means that the ad isn’t expected to exit the learning phase and its performance may remain suboptimal.

Common Reasons Behind ‘Learning Limited’

The most common reasons behind ‘Learning Limited’ include a poorly defined target audience, a budget that’s too small, frequent edits to your ad sets, or the competition in the ad auction.

How to Fix ‘Learning Limited’

Here are some ways to fix ‘Learning Limited’ Facebook ads:

  • Decrease your ad sets: Having too many ad sets can spread your budget too thin, preventing your ads from exiting the learning phase. Consolidate your ads into fewer ad sets to ensure there’s enough budget for each.
  • Define your audience clearly: If your audience is too broad or too narrow, Facebook may have trouble finding the right people. Make sure your targeting is precise.
  • Avoid frequent edits: Each time you make a significant edit to your ad set, it resets the learning phase. Try to avoid making frequent changes.
  • Increase your budget: If your budget is too small, Facebook may not be able to gather enough data for learning. Try increasing your budget.


While ‘Learning Limited’ can be frustrating, understanding the reasons behind it and taking the right steps can help you resolve this issue and get your ads performing optimally once again. Remember, the key lies in understanding your audience, setting a reasonable budget, and allowing your ads time to learn and optimize.