How To Find Google Analytics

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Webmasters and marketers utilize Google Analytics as a valuable tool for comprehending the intricacies of their website’s traffic, user engagement, and other important factors. This article will assist you in locating and utilizing Google Analytics for your website.

Step 1: Sign Up For Google Analytics

First, you need to have a Google account to sign up for Google Analytics. Once you have a Google account, go to the Google Analytics website and click on the “Start for free” button.

Step 2: Set Up A Property In Google Analytics

Once you’ve logged in to Google Analytics, the next step is to set up a ‘Property’. This could typically be your website or a blog. Click on the Admin button, and under the Property column, click on Create Property.

Step 3: Set Up A Reporting View In Google Analytics

After creating your property, you need to set up a Reporting View. This can be done by clicking on +Create View under the View column in the Admin section.

Step 4: Find Your Tracking Code

After setting up your property and the reporting view, it’s time to connect your website with Google Analytics. For this, you need to find your unique Google Analytics tracking code. This can be found by navigating to Tracking Info > Tracking Code under the Property column in the Admin section.

Here, you’ll find a code that looks something like this:


Copy this tracking code.

Step 5: Add the Tracking Code to Your Website

Finally, paste this tracking code into every webpage you want to track. If you’re using a content management system (CMS) or a website builder, they might provide a specific area to paste this code.


In conclusion, finding and installing Google Analytics on your website is a straightforward process that can provide significant insights about your website traffic and performance. Remember, the data collected from Google Analytics is invaluable for any business aiming to achieve success online.