How To Find And Replace In Figma

Whether you’re a UX/UI designer or a product manager, Figma has become an essential tool in the world of design and prototyping. Figma, an online design tool similar to Sketch, is now equipped with even more features. The ‘Find and Replace’ function is especially useful for many users.

Even though Figma does not natively support ‘Find and Replace’, there are useful plugins that can help you achieve this functionality. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use one of these plugins to find and replace text in Figma.

Step 1: Install the ‘Find and Replace’ Plugin

First, you need to navigate to Figma’s plugin section. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Plugins’ tab on the left sidebar. Then click on the ‘+’ sign and search for the ‘Find and Replace’ plugin. Once you find the plugin, install it by clicking on the ‘Install’ button.

Step 2: Using the ‘Find and Replace’ Plugin

After the plugin is installed, you can utilize the ‘Find and Replace’ function. To use this function, click on the ‘Plugins’ tab again, and select ‘Find and Replace’.

You will see two text boxes appearing on the screen. In the first box, you can input the text you want to find. In the second box, you can input the text you want to replace the found text with. Once you’ve filled both the boxes, you can click on the ‘Replace All’ button to replace all the instances of the found text.

It’s important to note that this plugin searches and replaces text in the current selection only. If nothing is selected, it will perform the action on the entire file.

Final Words

As of now, Figma does not officially support the ‘Find and Replace’ feature natively. Fortunately, there are plugins such as the ‘Find and Replace’ plugin that can help you with that. Always remember, a good workflow is all about utilizing the right tools and plugins, and the ‘Find and Replace’ plugin is definitely one of them.

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