How To Enroll Contacts In A Sequence Hubspot

HubSpot has a powerful feature that streamlines tasks through automation, with one example being their sequences. These sequences enable users to automate a string of emails for their contacts. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have the know-how to enroll contacts in a sequence? With the appropriate knowledge, you can efficiently manage your extensive contact list, leaving HubSpot to handle the rest. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to enroll contacts in a sequence within HubSpot.

Step 1: Choose Your Contacts

From your dashboard, navigate to Contacts. After which, you need to select the contacts you would like to enroll in a sequence. This could be a single contact or multiple contacts.

Step 2: Select the Sequence

Click on the More dropdown menu and select Sequence. You will then be redirected to your sequence templates. Choose the one you’d like your chosen contacts to be enrolled in.

Step 3: Customize Your Sequence

For a more personal touch, you can customize each step of the sequence by clicking on the Edit option. Each step in your sequence can be modified to suit your communication needs.

Step 4: Review and Start the Sequence

It’s always good practice to review your sequence before hitting start. Ensure you’re happy with the emails and the time intervals between each step. Once you’re satisfied with everything, click Start Sequence.

The steps above should guide you on how to enroll contacts in a sequence in HubSpot. It’s a simple, effective way to automate your email marketing, ensuring you maintain contact with your customers while saving valuable time.

HubSpot Sequence API

For those who are more technically inclined and wish to automate sequence enrollment using HubSpot’s API, below is an example of how you could achieve this.

            "enrollmentDetails": {
            "contactEmail": "[email protected]",
            "sequenceId": 123456

The above code is a JSON object which enrolls the contact with the email “[email protected]” into the sequence with the ID 123456. You can replace these values with your desired contact email and sequence ID.

HubSpot’s sequences can take a load off your marketing tasks by automating personalized emails to your contacts. Now that you know how to enroll contacts in a sequence, you can utilize this feature to its full potential.