How To Embed Hubspot Form In WordPress

A useful feature for your WordPress website is the utilization of HubSpot forms. These forms allow for easy engagement from site visitors, whether it be for subscribing to a newsletter, inquiring about your services, or leaving comments. To learn how to embed a HubSpot form onto your WordPress site, follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Create Your HubSpot Form

Before embedding a form, you need to create one in HubSpot. Go to HubSpot’s Marketing tab and select ‘Forms’. Click on ‘Create form’ and select your choices. Once you’re done editing, save the form.

Step 2: Get Your Embed Code

After creating a form, the next step is getting the embed code. On the form that you just created, click on the ‘Share’ button and then ‘Embed code.’ Copy this code as you will need it to embed the form in your WordPress site.

Step 3: Embed the Form in WordPress

There are several methods to embed HubSpot form in WordPress, and we’ll cover two of them.

Method 1: Using a WordPress Page or Post

Firstly, navigate to where you want to embed the form on your WordPress site. This could be on a page or a post. Click on ‘+ Add Block’ > ‘Custom HTML’. Paste the copied embed code in the text area and then click on ‘Preview’ to see how it looks. If you are satisfied, click on ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’.

Method 2: Using a WordPress Widget

Alternatively, you can embed the form in a widget. In your WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Widgets’. Choose where you want to place the form, such as in your sidebar or footer. Click on ‘+ Add a Widget’ > ‘Custom HTML’. Paste your embed code and click on ‘Save’.

Final Thoughts

Embedding a HubSpot form into your WordPress site is a great way to enhance user experience and gather information from your visitors. The process is smooth and easy, not requiring any technical skills.

Remember to always check how the form appears on your website and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it fits nicely with your design.