How To Download Font From Figma


Figma is a popular design tool used by graphic designers and UI/UX designers alike. This powerful tool allows designers to create beautiful and functional designs for various digital platforms. One of the vital elements of any design is typography. The choice of font can significantly influence the final design’s look and feel. Fortunately, Figma allows designers to use different fonts for their designs. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to download font from Figma.

Steps to Download Font from Figma

Here are the steps to download a font from Figma:

Step 1: Open Your Figma Design

First, you need to open the Figma design file that contains the font you want to download.

Step 2: Select the Text Element

After that, click on the text element in your design where the font is applied. This will display the properties of the selected text element.

Step 3: Identify the Font

At this point, you can see the font’s name in the right side panel. Make a note of this font name.

Step 4: Download the Font

Now, using the font name, you can search it online and download it. There are various websites where you can download fonts, such as Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, and so on. Please be aware that some fonts may not be free to download.


Unfortunately, Figma does not support direct font downloads. However, by identifying the font used in a design, you can easily find and download it from various online resources. Please note that font usage is often subjected to licenses and it is important to ensure you have the necessary rights to use the font in your project. Use the knowledge wisely and be creative!