How To Download Canva As Ppt

Designing presentations, whether for work, school or personal use, has become much more convenient with online design tools such as Canva. However, one common query that arises is how to download your Canva designs in a PowerPoint (PPT) format. If you’ve been wondering about the same, you’ve come to the right place. Here is simple, step-by-step guide to downloading your Canva designs as a PPT file.

Step 1: Finish Your Design

First and foremost, complete your design. Once you’re satisfied with your work, it’s time to download it. Remember that you can always come back and edit it, even after you’ve downloaded it, as Canva automatically saves your work.

Step 2: Click on the “Download” Button

Located at the top right corner of your page, you’ll find the Download button. This button allows you to save your design in a variety of formats.

Step 3: Select “Microsoft PowerPoint”

Upon clicking the Download button, a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, select the Microsoft PowerPoint option. This will set your design to be saved as a PPT file.

Step 4: Click “Download” Again

Once you’ve selected the PPT format, all you need to do is click the Download button again. Your design will now be downloaded as a PPT file.

Step 5: Open and Edit Your Design in PowerPoint

After downloading your Canva design as a PPT file, you can then open it in Microsoft PowerPoint for further editing or presenting. Note that some elements may not be editable in PowerPoint, depending on their complexity and the tools used in Canva.

And That’s It!

You’ve successfully downloaded your Canva design as a PPT file. This is especially useful if you need to work on your presentation offline, or if you wish to share it with others who prefer Microsoft PowerPoint.


No matter what device you’re using, whether it be a PC, Mac, or mobile device, the process remains the same.

So, with this guide, you’re all set to download, edit and present your Canva designs using PowerPoint. Happy designing!