How To Do Backdrops On Zoom

Zoom has emerged as a crucial communication tool throughout the pandemic. As remote work becomes more common, having a professional background in video conferences has grown in importance. This article will explore methods for creating effective backdrops on Zoom.

Choose Your Background

The first step in creating a backdrop for your Zoom call is to choose the right background. You can either use a physical backdrop or a virtual one. If you have a plain wall, you can hang a curtain or a piece of fabric to create a more interesting background. Alternatively, you can use a green screen and superimpose any image or video as your background.

Set Up Your Camera

Once you have chosen your backdrop, it’s time to set up your camera. Make sure that your camera is at the right angle to capture your backdrop in full view. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your camera to ensure that your background looks clear and crisp.

Use Zoom’s Virtual Background Feature

If you don’t have a physical backdrop or a green screen, you can use Zoom’s virtual background feature. This feature allows you to choose from a variety of pre-loaded images or upload your own image as your background. To access this feature, go to the “Settings” tab in Zoom and select “Virtual Background.” From there, you can choose from the available options or upload your own image.

Test Your Backdrop

Before starting your video call, it’s important to test your backdrop. This will help you ensure that your background looks professional and distraction-free. You can do this by joining a test meeting or calling a friend to see how your backdrop looks on their end.


In conclusion, creating a backdrop for your Zoom call is an easy way to enhance your professional image. Whether you choose a physical backdrop or a virtual one, the key is to ensure that it looks clear and distraction-free. By following these tips, you can create a polished and professional background for all of your video calls.