How To Do A Scavenger Hunt On Zoom

A treasure hunt is an entertaining and captivating game that friends, family members, or coworkers can enjoy together. The shift toward remote work and the need for social distancing have made it challenging to organize such activities in a physical setting. Nevertheless, with the help of Zoom, it’s still possible to arrange a virtual treasure hunt that’s equally thrilling as its traditional counterpart.


Before you start your scavenger hunt, there are a few things you need to prepare. Firstly, decide on the theme of your scavenger hunt. This could be anything from a general knowledge quiz to a treasure hunt around your home. Once you have decided on the theme, create a list of items or questions that participants will need to find or answer.

Creating Clues

To make the scavenger hunt more engaging, consider creating clues for each item or question. These clues can be riddles, puzzles, or even just hints that will help participants find the answer. Make sure to keep the clues challenging but not too difficult, so that everyone has a chance of winning.

Setting Up Zoom

Before you start your scavenger hunt, make sure that all participants have downloaded and installed Zoom. Once they are logged in, create a meeting and share the link with everyone who will be joining. Make sure to set up breakout rooms if you want participants to work in teams.

During the Scavenger Hunt

Once the scavenger hunt has started, participants will need to use their phones or computers to find the items on the list. Encourage them to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding the answers. You can also set a time limit for each clue to add an extra layer of excitement.

Checking Answers

As participants find the items on the list, they will need to share their screens with the group so that everyone can see what they have found. You can also use the chat function to ask questions and verify answers. Once all clues have been solved, tally up the scores and announce the winner.


A virtual scavenger hunt on Zoom is a great way to bring people together and have some fun while social distancing. With a little bit of preparation and creativity, you can create an engaging and exciting activity that everyone will enjoy.