How To Dial In To Zoom Meeting

Zoom stands out as a widely used video conferencing tool that enables users to communicate with others from various locations. A remarkable feature of Zoom is its capability to join a meeting by dialing in with a phone. This is particularly beneficial for those who are traveling or lack access to a computer.

Step 1: Join the Meeting

To join a Zoom meeting, you’ll need to receive an invitation from the host. The invitation will typically include a link to join the meeting and a meeting ID number. Once you have this information, open your web browser and navigate to Enter the meeting ID number in the box provided and click “Join.”

Step 2: Dial In Using Your Phone

If you’re unable to join the meeting using your computer, you can dial in using your phone. To do this, open your phone’s dialer and enter the meeting ID number followed by #. For example, if the meeting ID is 1234567890, you would dial 1234567890#. Once you’ve entered the meeting ID, press the call button to join the meeting.

Step 3: Enter Your Meeting Passcode

When you first join a Zoom meeting, you may be prompted to enter a passcode. This is an added layer of security that helps prevent unwanted guests from joining your meeting. If you’re dialing in using your phone, you can enter the passcode by pressing the pound (#) key followed by the passcode number. For example, if the passcode is 1234, you would press #1234.

Step 4: Mute Your Phone

Once you’ve joined the meeting and entered your passcode, it’s important to mute your phone to prevent any background noise from disrupting the conversation. To do this, press the mute button on your phone or dial *6 to mute yourself.

Step 5: Participate in the Meeting

Now that you’ve joined the meeting and muted your phone, you can participate in the conversation. To speak, simply press the unmute button on your phone or dial *6 to unmute yourself. You can also use the chat feature to send messages to other participants or the host.


Dialing in to a Zoom meeting using your phone is a great way to stay connected with others remotely. By following these simple steps, you can join a meeting and participate fully without any disruptions. Remember to always mute yourself when not speaking to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.