How To Create A Slack App

If you’ve ever used Slack, you know how much it can boost productivity and streamline communication within a team. But have you ever thought about creating your own Slack app? If you’re interested in creating a Slack app, this tutorial can guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Setting Up a New App

The first step in creating a Slack app is to go to the Create a New App page on Slack’s website. Here, you’ll input the name of your app and select the workspace where you want it to reside.

Step 2: Set Up Your App’s Features and Functionality

Once your app is created, you’ll be taken to the Basic Information page where you can set up features and functionality for your app. These include:

  • Bot Users: Enables interactions with users as a bot.
  • Interactive Components: Lets your app respond to user interactions, such as button clicks.

Step 3: Setting Up Scopes

Scopes define which permissions your app needs. You can find them under OAuth & Permissions. The permissions you need will depend on what you want your app to be able to do. For example, if you want your app to send messages, you would add the “chat:write” scope.

Step 4: Installing the App to Your Workspace

After setting up scopes, you can install your app to your workspace by clicking the Install App to Workspace button, also in the OAuth & Permissions section. After authorizing the app, you’ll be provided with an OAuth access token, which you will need to use the Slack API.

Step 5: Developing Your App

The development process of your Slack app can vary greatly depending on what you want it to do. However, a basic example of sending a message into a channel can be accomplished with the following Python code:

import slack

# Create a slack client
slack_client = slack.WebClient(token='your-slack-token-here')

# Post a message to the channel
response = slack_client.chat_postMessage(
    text="Hello world!")

# Check if the message was sent successfully
if response['ok']:
    print("Message posted successfully: ", response['message']['ts'])
    print("Message failed: ", response['error'])

Be sure to replace ‘your-slack-token-here’ with the OAuth token you received when you installed your app.


Creating a Slack app can be a fun way to learn more about APIs and improve your coding skills. Plus, it can also provide your team with useful functionality tailored specifically to your needs. We hope this guide helps you get started on your journey of creating your first Slack app!