How To Create A Deal In Hubspot

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HubSpot serves as a comprehensive CRM system that simplifies the management of sales, marketing, and customer service tasks. One of its remarkable functions is the option to generate Deals. These Deals signify potential sales and profits, playing a crucial role in any business. This article will walk you through the steps of creating a deal in HubSpot.

Step 1: Navigate to Deals

To begin, you’ll first need to navigate to the Deals section of your dashboard. You can find this on the left-hand side of your HubSpot interface.

Step 2: Create a New Deal

Next, click on the “Create Deal” button located at the top right corner of the Deals dashboard.

Step 3: Fill in the Deal’s Details

Now, you will need to fill in the details for your deal. This typically includes information such as the deal name, deal stage, amount, and the closing date. You can also associate contacts or companies with the deal.

Step 4: Save and Monitor the Deal

Once the details are filled, click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the form to save your deal. The deal will now appear in your Deals dashboard, where you can monitor its progress through the sales pipeline.

In a HubSpot code snippet, the process of creating a deal might look something like this:

HubSpotAPI hsAPI = new HubSpotAPI();
Deal deal = new Deal(); = "New Deal";
deal.stage = "Appointment Scheduled";
deal.amount = 5000;
deal.closeDate = "2022-12-31";
deal.associatedContacts = new List<contact>() { contact1, contact2 };

Where HubSpotAPI is the instance of your HubSpot API, Deal is an instance of a Deal object, and Contact is an instance of a Contact object.


Creating a deal in HubSpot is a straightforward process that can help streamline your sales efforts. By effectively leveraging the Deals feature, you can keep track of potential revenue and efficiently manage your sales pipeline. Happy deal-making!