How To Copy And Paste Figma

Figma is an online design tool that is comparable to Sketch, yet offers distinct features that make it an indispensable tool for collaborative projects. It streamlines the design process from beginning to end, making it essential to grasp the basics, including how to copy and paste in Figma. This guide will lead you through the steps.

Getting Started

First off, log into your Figma account and open the project you want to work on.

How to Copy an Element in Figma

To copy an element in Figma, you can use the standard method of copying and pasting used in most applications. Select the object you wish to copy and use the keyboard shortcut:
Ctrl+C for Windows or Cmd+C for Mac.

How to Paste an Element in Figma

Once you’ve copied the element, you can now paste it into a different location using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V for Windows or Cmd+V for Mac. Your copied element will now appear in the new location.

Copying and Pasting Styles

Figma also allows you to copy and paste styles. This is a handy feature when you want to apply the same style to different elements within your project.

function copyStyle() {
var copiedStyle = selectedObject.getComputedStyle();
return copiedStyle;

function pasteStyle(copiedStyle, objectToPaste) {

Just like when copying and pasting elements, select the element with the style you want to copy. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C for Windows, or Cmd+Option+C for Mac. To paste, select the element where you want to apply the style and use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V for Windows, or
Cmd+Option+V for Mac.


Copying and pasting in Figma, whether it’s elements or styles, is a straightforward process that is crucial in making your design work more efficient. With a few simple keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up your workflow and make the most out of this versatile design tool.