How To Convert Zoom Recording To Youtube

Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing tool that provides the capability for its users to record their meetings and webinars. Nonetheless, should you wish to distribute your recorded content to a broader audience, converting it into a format suitable for uploading to YouTube may be necessary. This guide will walk you through the steps to transform a Zoom recording for YouTube.

Step 1: Download the Zoom Recording

The first step in converting your Zoom recording to YouTube is to download it from your Zoom account. To do this, log in to your Zoom account and go to the “My Recordings” section. From there, select the recording you want to convert and click on the “Download” button.

Step 2: Convert the Recording to MP4 Format

Once you have downloaded the Zoom recording, you will need to convert it into an MP4 format that can be easily uploaded to YouTube. To do this, you can use a video converter tool such as HandBrake or VLC Media Player. Simply open the tool and select the downloaded Zoom recording as your input file. Then, choose MP4 as your output format and adjust any settings if necessary.

Step 3: Upload the Converted Recording to YouTube

After converting the Zoom recording to MP4 format, you can now upload it to YouTube. Log in to your YouTube account and click on the “Create” button. From there, select “Upload Video” and choose the converted MP4 file from your computer or device.

Step 4: Edit and Publish Your Video

Once you have uploaded the converted Zoom recording to YouTube, you can edit it by adding a title, description, tags, and thumbnail. You can also choose whether to make the video public or private. Once you are satisfied with your edits, click on the “Publish” button to share your video with the world.


In conclusion, converting a Zoom recording to YouTube is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can easily share your Zoom recordings with a wider audience and reach more people.