How To Conduct Zoom Meeting Without Time Limit

Zoom has emerged as a widely used video conferencing service, critical for both personal and business purposes. Yet, a notable restriction of Zoom is its meeting duration cap, a hindrance for users requiring extended discussion times. Luckily, methods exist to overcome this boundary, allowing for uninterrupted, limitless Zoom meetings.

Step 1: Upgrade Your Zoom Account

The first step to conducting a Zoom meeting without a time limit is to upgrade your Zoom account. Zoom offers several plans, including Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Basic plan has a time limit of 40 minutes for group meetings, while the other plans offer longer or unlimited meeting durations.

Step 2: Schedule Your Meeting

Once you have upgraded your Zoom account, you can schedule a meeting without a time limit. When scheduling your meeting, make sure to select the “No Time Limit” option in the advanced settings. This will allow your meeting to continue beyond the default 40-minute limit.

Step 3: Start Your Meeting

When it’s time for your meeting, start your Zoom session as usual. You can invite participants and share your screen just like any other Zoom meeting. Once the meeting is underway, you can continue to use all of Zoom’s features without worrying about a time limit.

Step 4: End Your Meeting

When your meeting is over, simply end it as usual. You can choose to end the meeting for everyone or just leave the meeting yourself. Zoom will automatically save any chat messages and shared files from the meeting.


In conclusion, conducting a Zoom meeting without a time limit is easy with the right account upgrade and settings. By following these steps, you can ensure that your meetings are not cut short and that you can continue to collaborate with your team or clients for as long as needed.