How To Choose The Best Keywords For Google Adwords

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Google AdWords is a highly effective resource that can greatly boost your online presence and business achievements. The key to success lies in choosing the right keywords. These keywords are crucial for any AdWords campaign as they determine the triggers for your ads and the targeted audience. This blog post serves as a guide on selecting the most suitable keywords for your Google AdWords.

Understanding the Core Concepts

Before diving into the process, it’s important to understand a few core concepts related to Google AdWords. Keywords are words or phrases that users type into Google search to find what they’re looking for. Advertisers bid on these keywords within Google’s auction. The advertisers who bid the most will have their ads shown when those keywords are searched for.

For example, if you’re selling dog food, you would want to bid on keywords like “best dog food”, “dog food online”, etc. These are the keywords that your potential customers are likely to search for.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google that helps you find keywords related to your business. You can get keyword ideas, see how a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by combining several lists of keywords together. Here’s how you can use Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for your AdWords campaign.

1. Sign in to your Google AdWords account.
2. Click on the tools icon, then under "Planning", click "Keyword Planner".
3. Click on "Discover new keywords".
4. Enter words, phrases, or a URL related to your business.
5. Click on "Get results".

The tool will then provide you with a list of keyword ideas based on what you entered.

Consider Keyword Relevance

When choosing keywords for your AdWords campaign, it’s crucial to pick keywords that are highly relevant to your business. This increases the chances of your ads being clicked on, which in turn increases the likelihood of conversions. Use the Keyword Relevance score provided by the Google Keyword Planner to assess the relevance of each keyword.

Check for Keyword Competition

Choosing highly competitive keywords can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can bring in a lot of traffic. On the other hand, they can be expensive to bid on. Use the Competition data in Google Keyword Planner to see how competitive each keyword is. It’s often a good idea to mix high competition keywords with low competition ones to balance out the cost and traffic.


Selecting the right keywords is crucial for the success of your Google AdWords campaign. It requires understanding the core concepts, using tools like Google Keyword Planner, and considering factors like keyword relevance and competition. With the right keywords, you can effectively reach your target audience, increase website traffic, and boost conversions.