How To Check If Someone Used Chatgpt For Essay

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can generate high-quality text on various topics. However, it has also raised concerns about its potential misuse in academic settings, particularly in the context of essay writing. In this article, we will discuss some methods to check if someone used ChatGPT for their essay.

1. Check for Unusual Writing Style

One way to detect if someone used ChatGPT is by examining the writing style of the essay. ChatGPT has a distinctive writing style that may be different from the student’s usual writing style. Look for any sudden changes in sentence structure, vocabulary usage, or overall coherence.

2. Analyze Grammar and Spelling

ChatGPT is known for producing grammatically correct and well-written text. If the essay contains minimal grammar errors or spelling mistakes, it may indicate that ChatGPT was used. However, it’s important to note that even human writers can produce error-free essays.

3. Check for Unoriginality

ChatGPT often generates text by rephrasing existing information rather than creating entirely new content. To check if someone used ChatGPT, compare the essay with other sources on the same topic. If the essay contains phrases or ideas that are identical to those found in other sources, it may suggest that ChatGPT was involved.

4. Use Plagiarism Detection Tools

There are various plagiarism detection tools available online that can help identify if an essay was generated by ChatGPT. These tools compare the text with a database of previously submitted essays and flag any instances of similarity or plagiarism.

5. Ask for Additional Information

If you suspect that someone used ChatGPT for their essay, consider asking them to provide additional information or context about the topic. This can help determine if they have a genuine understanding of the subject matter or if they are relying solely on ChatGPT’s generated text.


Detecting whether someone used ChatGPT for their essay requires a combination of observation, analysis, and investigation. By examining the writing style, grammar, originality, using plagiarism detection tools, and asking for additional information, you can make an informed judgment about the authenticity of the essay.