How To Check If Ai Wrote An Essay

In recent years, technological progress has greatly enhanced the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing it to produce essays that are nearly indistinguishable from those authored by humans. Nonetheless, this development has sparked concerns regarding the legitimacy of academic work and the potential for plagiarism. In this article, we will explore various methods that can be employed to determine whether an essay was generated by AI.

Look for Unusual Grammar and Syntax

One way to detect AI-written essays is to look for unusual grammar and syntax. While AI has improved in this area, it still struggles with complex sentence structures and idiomatic expressions. If you notice any awkward phrasing or grammatical errors that seem out of place, it may be a sign that the essay was written by AI.

Check for Unoriginality

Another way to detect AI-written essays is to check for unoriginality. AI often relies on pre-existing data and patterns to generate text, which can result in repetitive or generic content. If you notice that the essay lacks creativity or originality, it may be a sign that it was written by AI.

Use Plagiarism Detection Software

Plagiarism detection software can also be used to check if an essay was written by AI. These tools compare the text of the essay against a database of previously published works and flag any instances of plagiarism. While this method may not always detect AI-written essays, it can help identify cases where the content has been copied from other sources.


In conclusion, while AI has made significant advancements in recent years, it is still possible to detect if an essay was written by AI. By looking for unusual grammar and syntax, checking for unoriginality, and using plagiarism detection software, you can identify potential cases of AI-written essays. It is important to ensure the authenticity of academic work and prevent plagiarism in all forms.