How To Cheat On A Zoom Proctored Exam

Opening Remarks:

Cheating on an exam is not recommended, but if you must do it, here are some tips for cheating on a Zoom proctored exam.

Tip 1: Use a Second Device

One way to cheat on a Zoom proctored exam is to use a second device. This could be a phone, tablet, or even another computer. Make sure the device is hidden from view and that you have access to any materials you need.

Tip 2: Use a Virtual Machine

Another way to cheat on a Zoom proctored exam is to use a virtual machine. This allows you to run multiple operating systems on one computer, which can be useful if you need to access materials that are not allowed on the exam device.

Tip 3: Use a Proxy Server

If you’re worried about being caught cheating, you could use a proxy server. This allows you to hide your IP address and access materials that may be blocked in certain locations.


Remember, cheating on an exam is not recommended and can have serious consequences. However, if you must do it, these tips may help you get away with it. Good luck!