How To Change Meeting Background In Zoom

Zoom has gained popularity as a video conferencing tool for both individual and business purposes. What sets Zoom apart is its feature that allows users to alter their meeting backgrounds. This feature can come in handy for injecting a bit of amusement or a professional vibe into your meetings. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to modify your meeting background on Zoom.

Step 1: Open Zoom

To change your meeting background in Zoom, you need to open the app first. Once you have opened Zoom, you will see a list of upcoming meetings and a button to start a new meeting. Click on the “Start a New Meeting” button to begin.

Step 2: Join a Meeting

After clicking on the “Start a New Meeting” button, you will be prompted to join a meeting. You can either join an existing meeting or create a new one. If you are creating a new meeting, you will need to enter a meeting ID and passcode. Once you have entered the necessary information, click on the “Join” button.

Step 3: Change Your Background

Once you have joined the meeting, you will see your video feed in the center of the screen. To change your background, click on the three dots located at the bottom right corner of your video feed. From there, select “Virtual Background” and choose a new background from the options provided.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

After selecting a new background, click on the “Save Changes” button to apply the changes. You can also preview your new background before saving it by clicking on the “Preview” button.


Changing your meeting background in Zoom is a simple process that can add some fun or professionalism to your meetings. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily change your background and enhance your video conferencing experience.