How To Change Attribution Setting In Facebook Ads

Modifying the attribution configurations in Facebook Ads can greatly influence the success and efficiency of your advertising initiatives. As a digital marketing professional with years of experience in using Facebook Ads, I’ve come to realize the critical role of comprehending and fine-tuning attribution settings to enhance the return on investment (ROI).

What is Attribution?

Attribution refers to the process of assigning credit or value to different touchpoints or actions that contribute to a desired outcome, such as a lead or a sale. In the context of Facebook Ads, attribution determines how credit is attributed to the various ad interactions that lead to a conversion.

By default, Facebook uses a 28-day click and 1-day view attribution window, which means it gives credit to the last ad click that occurred within 28 days or the last ad view within 1 day before a conversion. However, this default setting may not always align with your business goals or the reality of how your customers make buying decisions.

Why Change Attribution Settings?

Changing the attribution settings allows you to customize how credit is assigned to different touchpoints in the customer journey. This customization is crucial because it helps you gain a more accurate understanding of which ads and channels are truly driving conversions or influencing customers throughout the buying process.

For example, if you’re running ads that mainly focus on creating brand awareness, using a longer attribution window might be more appropriate. This longer window would give credit to the ads that contributed to a conversion, even if they were clicked or viewed several days or weeks before the actual conversion occurred.

Conversely, if you’re running ads with a strong call-to-action and aim for immediate conversions, using a shorter attribution window might be more suitable. This shorter window would prioritize the last ad clicked or viewed within a smaller timeframe, giving more credit to direct response-oriented ads.

How to Change Attribution Settings

Changing the attribution settings in Facebook Ads is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook Ads Manager account.
  2. Click on the ‘Business Settings’ tab.
  3. Find the ‘Attribution’ section and click on ‘View and edit’.
  4. Select the ad account for which you want to change the attribution settings.
  5. Choose the desired attribution window for both click and view attribution.
  6. Save your changes.

It’s important to note that the changes you make to the attribution settings may have an impact on the performance data and metrics of your ads. Therefore, it’s recommended to carefully evaluate your business goals and the characteristics of your customer journey before making any changes.


Changing the attribution settings in Facebook Ads can provide you with valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and help you make more informed decisions. By customizing the attribution window, you can ensure that credit is given where it’s due and optimize your ad strategy accordingly. Remember to regularly review and analyze the performance data to fine-tune your attribution settings and drive better results.