How To Break Out Rooms Zoom

Creating breakout rooms in Zoom is an excellent method for promoting group discussions and teamwork activities. It enables attendees to collaborate in more intimate group settings, which can lead to stronger relationships and more impactful dialogues. In this article, we’re going to delve into the process of setting up breakout rooms in Zoom, and provide some advice on how to effectively utilize this function.

Step 1: Start a Meeting

To create breakout rooms in Zoom, you must first start a meeting. Once you have started the meeting, you will see a button labeled “Breakout Rooms” in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Click on this button to begin creating your breakout rooms.

Step 2: Create Breakout Rooms

When you click on the “Breakout Rooms” button, a new window will appear that allows you to create and customize your breakout rooms. You can choose how many rooms you want to create, as well as how many participants you want in each room. You can also assign specific participants to specific rooms, or allow Zoom to automatically assign participants to rooms.

Step 3: Start Breakout Rooms

Once you have created your breakout rooms and assigned participants to them, you can start the breakout sessions. This will send all participants to their respective rooms, where they can begin working together on their group activities. You can monitor the progress of each room from the main meeting screen, and even join any room at any time to check in with your participants.

Step 4: End Breakout Rooms

When you are ready to end the breakout sessions, simply click on the “Breakout Rooms” button again and select “End All Rooms.” This will bring all participants back to the main meeting screen, where they can continue with the rest of the meeting.

Tips for Using Breakout Rooms

To make the most of breakout rooms in Zoom, consider the following tips:

  • Give clear instructions to participants before starting the breakout sessions. Let them know what they should be working on and what their goals are for the session.
  • Assign a facilitator or moderator to each room. This person can help to keep the conversation on track and ensure that everyone is participating actively.
  • Use the chat feature in Zoom to communicate with participants during the breakout sessions. You can use this to answer questions, provide feedback, or share resources with your participants.


Breaking out rooms in Zoom is a powerful tool for facilitating group discussions and collaborative activities. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create breakout rooms that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. With clear instructions, effective communication, and engaged participants, you can use breakout rooms to foster deeper connections and more meaningful conversations among your participants.