How To Block People From Adding You On Facebook

Have you ever gotten friend requests on Facebook from individuals you’ve never met? It’s both irritating and worrisome when unknown people attempt to connect with you as friends. Fortunately, Facebook offers settings to limit who can send you friend requests and prevent undesired requests from getting to you. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to prevent people from adding you on Facebook.

Step 1: Accessing Privacy Settings

To begin, log in to your Facebook account and click on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select “Settings & Privacy” and then choose “Privacy Shortcuts.”

Step 2: Adjusting Your Privacy Settings

On the Privacy Shortcuts page, you will find various options to control your privacy on Facebook. Look for the section labeled “Who can contact me?” and click on “See more settings.”

Step 3: Managing Friend Requests

Within the “Who can contact me?” settings, you will find a category called “Friend Requests.” Here, you can customize the settings to control who can send you friend requests.

Option 1: Everyone

The default setting is set to “Everyone,” which means anyone on Facebook can send you friend requests. If you wish to block people from adding you, change this setting by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting “Friends of Friends” or “Friends.”

Option 2: Friends of Friends

Choosing “Friends of Friends” allows only people who have at least one mutual friend with you to send friend requests. This option provides some level of security by reducing the chances of receiving requests from complete strangers.

Option 3: Friends

By selecting “Friends,” you limit friend requests to only your existing friends on Facebook. This is the most restrictive setting and ensures that only people you are already connected with can send you friend requests.

Step 4: Blocking Specific Users

If there are specific individuals who have already sent you friend requests and you want to block them from adding you in the future, you can take additional steps to block them.

To block a user, go to their profile page and click on the three dots next to their profile picture. From the options that appear, select “Block.” This action will prevent the person from sending you friend requests, messaging you, or seeing your posts.


Blocking people from adding you on Facebook is a crucial step in maintaining your privacy and security on the platform. By adjusting your privacy settings and blocking unwanted individuals, you can ensure a safer and more enjoyable Facebook experience. Remember, it’s essential to regularly review and update your settings to align with your personal preferences.

Stay connected with your friends and loved ones while keeping your online interactions secure!