How To Be Offline On Whatsapp

Ever wished you could take a break from your online presence on WhatsApp without necessarily switching off your internet connection? You’re not alone! This blog post provides a step-by-step guide on how to be offline on WhatsApp while keeping your internet connection active.

Why Go Offline on WhatsApp?

Perhaps you’re busy, want some digital detox, or simply don’t want to be disturbed. Going offline on WhatsApp allows you to have control over your social life without completely shutting it down. This way, you can take breaks whenever you want, while staying connected to the internet for other purposes.

How To Appear Offline on WhatsApp

Here are a few simple steps to show you how to be offline on WhatsApp, even when you are online:

Step 1: Disable “Last Seen”

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Select the ‘Account’ option.
  3. Go to ‘Privacy’.
  4. In the ‘Privacy’ section, select ‘Last Seen’.
  5. Select the ‘Nobody’ option.

This essentially disables your online status and prevents others from seeing when you were last online.

Step 2: Turn Off “Read Receipts”

  1. While still in the ‘Privacy’ menu, scroll down to the ‘Read Receipts’ option.
  2. Toggle off the ‘Read Receipts’ option.

By turning off this feature, you prevent others from knowing that you have read their messages. However, bear in mind that this also disables you from seeing if others have read your messages.

Step 3: Turn Off “Delivery Receipts”

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow users to turn off delivery receipts (the two grey ticks that appear when a message has been delivered). However, you may choose to not open the chat box until you’re ready to respond, which will prevent the ticks from turning blue and showing that the message has been read.


While WhatsApp does not have a built-in feature to appear offline, disabling these options can help you maintain a low profile while still remaining connected. Remember, these changes are reversible, so you can switch back to being ‘online’ anytime you want.