How To Avoid 40 Minute Zoom Limit

Zoom has emerged as a crucial communication platform amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Though, the restrictive 40-minute session cap for users with free accounts is one of its drawbacks. This limit can be troublesome for those requiring extended time for meetings or webinars. Thankfully, multiple strategies exist to bypass this constraint, allowing for uninterrupted continuation of your Zoom activities.

Upgrade to a Paid Account

The easiest way to avoid the 40-minute limit is to upgrade to a paid Zoom account. With a paid account, you can host meetings for up to 30 hours without any interruption. This option is ideal for businesses or individuals who need to conduct longer meetings on a regular basis.

Use the Waiting Room Feature

Another way to avoid the 40-minute limit is to use the waiting room feature. This feature allows you to host multiple meetings with different participants without any time limit. To use this feature, simply create a new meeting and enable the waiting room option. When your current meeting ends, you can start a new one with a different group of participants.

Schedule Multiple Meetings

If you don’t want to upgrade to a paid account or use the waiting room feature, you can also schedule multiple meetings. This means that when your current meeting ends, you can start a new one with the same group of participants. However, this option may not be ideal for longer meetings as it requires manual intervention and can be disruptive to the flow of the conversation.

Use an Alternative Video Conferencing Platform

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider using an alternative video conferencing platform that doesn’t have a time limit. There are several options available, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. These platforms offer similar features to Zoom and can be used for free or with a paid subscription.


In conclusion, the 40-minute time limit on Zoom’s free account can be frustrating for users who need to conduct longer meetings. However, there are several ways to avoid this limitation, including upgrading to a paid account, using the waiting room feature, scheduling multiple meetings, or using an alternative video conferencing platform. By following these tips, you can continue your Zoom sessions without any interruption and ensure that your communication needs are met.