How To Apply For Facebook Ads On Reels

In the era of technology, social media sites such as Facebook have evolved into effective tools for marketing for companies. A significant tool is Facebook Reels, which presents businesses with a chance to reach a worldwide audience. Similar to other advertising platforms, it is crucial to comprehend the process of applying for Facebook Ads via Reels. This blog will assist you in navigating this procedure.

Understanding Facebook Reels

Before we delve into the processes, it’s crucial to understand what Facebook Reels are. These are short, engaging video clips that businesses can use to advertise their products or services. They can be anything from product demonstrations to behind-the-scene clips that add a unique touch to your content marketing strategy.

Applying for Facebook Ads on Reels

Now let’s dive into the process of applying for Facebook Ads on Reels. Please note the process might slightly differ depending on your geographical location and your account’s settings.

Step 1: Creation of an Ad Account

The first step is creating an ad account, if you haven’t already. This is done through Facebook’s Ads Manager. After logging in, select the Create option and then choose the Ad Account from the given options. Fill in the necessary information and follow the prompts to complete the setup.

Step 2: Creation of Campaign and Ad Set

Once you have an ad account, you need to create a campaign and an ad set. A campaign defines your advertising goal, while an ad set helps define your target audience, budget, and ad placement. To start, click on Create and then select Campaign. Choose your goal and name your campaign. Next, you’ll create your ad set where you’ll define your target audience and budget.

Step 3: Creation of Reels Ad

The final step is creating your Reels Ad. For this, select the Ad option, choose the Facebook page you’d like to promote, and then select Reels as your ad placement. This is where you’ll upload your video and add any necessary texts.


Advertising on Facebook Reels is an effective way to engage with your audience and promote your products or services. By following this guide, you can easily apply for Facebook Ads on Reels and take your digital marketing strategy to new heights.