How To Anchor Link In Jira

Traversing through a lengthy JIRA ticket can be burdensome, particularly when attempting to locate particular information. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had the ability to generate direct links to specific sections of the issue’s description or comments? Well, that capability exists through the use of anchor links!

What is an Anchor Link?

An anchor link is a type of hyperlink that brings you to a specific spot on a webpage, not just the top of the page. In JIRA, these can be exceptionally useful for navigating lengthy ticket descriptions or comments.

Creating Anchor Links in JIRA

Creating anchor links in JIRA is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the Anchor

To create an anchor, you need to use the following syntax in the text where you want the link to jump to when clicked:


Replace “anchorname” with a unique name for your anchor. This should be one word with no spaces.

Step 2: Create the Link to the Anchor

Next, you need to make a link that will jump to the anchor when it’s clicked. Use the following syntax to do this:

[link text|#anchorname]

Replace “link text” with the text that you want to make into a clickable link and “anchorname” with the name of the anchor you created in step 1.


As you can see, creating anchor links in JIRA is a simple process, but it’s one that can greatly improve your ease of navigating through tickets. With these links, you can jump straight to the information you need, making your work more efficient. Happy anchoring!