How To Add Reactions To Slack

Slack stands out as a widely-used chat application that enables users to interact with each other instantly. A key functionality that contributes to Slack’s effectiveness is the option to react to messages. In this piece, we’re going to detail the process of reacting to messages on Slack and discuss its significance.

Why Add Reactions to Slack?

Adding reactions to Slack can help you communicate more effectively with your team members. For example, if someone shares a funny joke in the chat, you can add a laughing reaction to show that you found it funny. Or if someone shares important news, you can add a thumbs up reaction to show that you agree or approve.

How to Add Reactions to Slack

To add reactions to Slack, simply click on the message you want to react to and then click on the emoji icon. From there, you can choose from a variety of different reactions, including thumbs up, laughing, heart, and more. Once you’ve selected your reaction, it will be added to the message for everyone to see.


Adding reactions to Slack is a simple but effective way to communicate with your team members. By using reactions, you can show that you’re engaged and interested in what others are saying, which can help build stronger relationships and improve communication within your team.