How To Add Competitors In Semrush

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SEMrush is an effective solution for digital marketers seeking to enhance their websites, monitor their competitors, and perform market research. A significant aspect of SEMrush is its capability to add and track competitors. This feature enables you to gain valuable insights into your rivals’ tactics, identify potential prospects, and maintain an advantage in the digital marketing sector. This blog post serves as a guide on how to add competitors in SEMrush.

Step 1: Navigate to the Projects Dashboard

Once you’ve logged into your SEMrush account, navigate to the Projects dashboard by clicking on ‘Projects’ in the left sidebar. Here you will see a list of all your existing projects. If you haven’t created a project yet, click on ‘Create my first project’, enter your domain, and then click on ‘Start Tracking’.

Step 2: Open the Competitive Research Toolkit

After you’ve set up your project, it’s time to add competitors. In the left sidebar, click on ‘Competitive Research’. This will open the Competitive Research Toolkit, which contains several useful tools such as Domain Overview, Traffic Analytics, Organic Research, and Paid Search.

Step 3: Add Competitors in Domain Overview

In the Competitive Research Toolkit, click on ‘Domain Overview’. Here you can enter your competitors’ domains, one at a time, to get a comprehensive overview of their online presence and performance. To add a competitor, simply type in the competitor’s domain and then click on ‘Add to Project’. The system will automatically track and analyze the competitor’s domain, providing key insights such as organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, display advertising, and more.

Step 4: Review and Analyze Competitor Data

Once you’ve added your competitors, you can review and analyze their data in the Domain Overview dashboard. You can also use other tools in the Competitive Research Toolkit to gain deeper insights. For example, the Traffic Analytics tool can provide a detailed breakdown of your competitors’ traffic sources, while the Organic Research tool can reveal the organic keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites.

By adding and tracking competitors in SEMrush, you can stay on top of the competition, identify gaps in your own marketing strategy, and find new opportunities to grow your online presence. So why wait? Start adding competitors in SEMrush today!