How Does Canva Get Their Images

Canva is a widely used platform for both professionals and amateurs in the field of graphic design, renowned for its convenient interface and extensive collection of impressive visuals. But have you ever pondered the origin of Canva’s vast supply of images? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the answer.

Contributor Community

One of the main sources of Canva’s expansive image library is its contributor community. Canva has a program where photographers and designers can sign up as contributors and submit their work. This community-based approach not only ensures a constant influx of fresh images but also supports artists by giving them a platform to showcase and monetize their work.

Stock Image Libraries

Canva also sources images from various stock image libraries. These are platforms where photographers upload their high-quality images and receive a royalty whenever their images are purchased for use. Some of these libraries include Getty Images, iStock, and Unsplash.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Over the years, Canva has formed partnerships with numerous businesses, organizations, and individual creators. These partnerships often involve the exchange of resources, including images. This is another way Canva ensures they have a diverse set of images to cater to the various needs of their users.

Designed In-House

Last but not least, Canva has an in-house design team that creates unique images and graphics. This not only ensures a steady supply of exclusive content but also allows Canva to maintain a certain level of quality control over their images.

What about Rights and Licenses?

Regardless of the source, every image you see on Canva is licensed for specific uses defined by the rights holder. This could be the contributor, the stock image library, or Canva themselves. Users must adhere to these license terms when using the images. It is also worth noting that Canva takes copyright infringement very seriously and has measures in place to ensure all images used on their platform are legally sourced.


Canva’s image library is a result of community contribution, partnerships, stock image library sourcing, and in-house design. The platform’s commitment to supporting artists and ensuring legal image usage makes it a trusted resource for millions of users worldwide. So, the next time you use an image from Canva, you’ll know a bit more about where it came from!