Does Canva Have Watermark

When it comes to graphic design, Canva has become an essential tool for many individuals and businesses. It is a user-friendly platform that allows even those with minimal graphic design experience to create beautiful images, presentations, and social media posts. With its vast array of templates, images, and fonts, the possibilities are indeed limitless. However, a common question that often arises among users is, “Does Canva have a watermark?”

Understanding Watermarks

Before we delve into Canva and watermarks, it is important to understand what a watermark is. A watermark is a text or an image which is placed over a document or a picture to prevent unauthorized use. Traditionally, watermarks were faint or translucent images or text that were difficult to remove without damaging the original image.

Does Canva Use Watermarks?

The straightforward answer is No, Canva does not automatically impose any watermarks on designs created on its platform. All the images, designs, and templates you create on Canva are yours to use freely without any imposed watermarks.

However, there are two conditions where you may encounter watermarks with Canva:

  1. Content from Canva’s Pro Library: Canva offers a library of premium images and elements to its Pro users and these elements are not watermarked. However, if you, as a free user, use these elements, a watermark will appear on your design.
  2. Uploads from External Sources: If you upload images from external sources that are already watermarked, the watermark will remain on the image in your Canva design. Canva does not provide a tool to remove these watermarks.

Removing Watermarks in Canva

If you have a watermark in your design due to the use of Pro elements, the watermark can be removed by upgrading to a Pro account or paying for the individual premium elements you’ve used in your design. Once you pay for these elements or upgrade, the watermark gets automatically removed from your design.

For watermarks on images you’ve uploaded from external sources, you’ll need to use a different software or tool to remove the watermark before uploading it to Canva. Remember that removing watermarks could infringe copyright laws and you should always respect the rights of the original content creator.


In conclusion, Canva doesn’t impose any watermarks on users’ designs. The only instances where you might encounter watermarks are when using premium elements as a free user or when uploading already watermarked images from external sources. By respecting copyright laws and considering an upgrade to Canva Pro, you can enjoy all the benefits of Canva without any watermarks on your designs.