Canva How To Mirror Text

Welcome to another exciting tutorial on utilizing Canva’s fantastic features! Today, we will be delving into the process of mirroring text in Canva. This method is a fantastic tool for adding a unique, artistic flair to your designs, elevating your work to the next level of elegance.

Steps to Mirror Text in Canva

Unfortunately, as of now, Canva does not offer a direct feature to mirror your text. However, there is a clever workaround you can use to achieve a similar effect. Here’s how:

Step 1: Write Your Text

Start by typing your text in Canva. To do this, you can select the Text tab on the left side of the screen, choose your preferred text style, and write your message.

Step 2: Download the Text as an Image

Once you’re satisfied with your text, you will need to download it as an image. Ensure that nothing else is on the page, then click the Download button in the top-right corner. In the dialog box, choose PNG or JPEG as the file type and then download.

Step 3: Upload the Image

After downloading the text image, navigate back to Canva, click on the Uploads tab on the left menu, and upload your recently downloaded image.

Step 4: Flip the Image

Once the image is uploaded, you can now add it to your design. To flip the image, click on it, and select the Flip option in the top-right corner. You have the option to flip the image vertically or horizontally.

Step 5: Position the Flipped Image

Finally, position the flipped text image to your preferred location, and voila, you have your mirrored text!


Despite Canva not offering a direct feature to mirror text, with this workaround, you can achieve the desired result. This technique allows for a unique touch to your design that is sure to make it stand out. Happy designing!