Can You Put Canvas In The Dryer


Canvas, renowned for its strength and adaptability, is a popular material used in a variety of products including tents, tote bags, shoes, and jackets. However, a common concern when it comes to cleaning these items is whether or not canvas can be put in the dryer. Let’s discover the answer.

The Short Answer

In short, it’s generally not recommended to put your canvas items in the dryer. The high heat from a dryer can cause the canvas to shrink and warp, and may also weaken the fabric over time. However, there are some exceptions and alternatives, which we will get into below.

The Reasoning

The primary reason for not placing canvas items in the dryer is the potential damage that could occur. Canvas is a robust fabric, but it can shrink significantly when exposed to the high heat of a dryer. This can not only affect the fit and function of the item but also lead to warping, which can distort its shape.


That said, not all canvas items are created equal. Some are made with a blend of materials that might be more resistant to heat. However, it’s always best to check the specific care instructions for each item before making a decision.

Alternatives to Using a Dryer

If you can’t put your canvas items in the dryer, what’s the alternative? The best way to dry canvas items is to air dry them. This might take longer, but it’s much gentler on the fabric and will help to preserve its shape and durability. If you need to speed up the process, try blotting the canvas with a towel to remove excess water before leaving it to air dry.


While it might be tempting to throw your canvas items in the dryer for convenience, it’s generally not the best idea. To keep your canvas items in their best shape, it’s recommended to air dry them instead. However, always check the care instructions that came with your item to be sure.