Can You Get Canva Pro For Free

Canva has become a popular tool for graphics designers, social media managers, and content creators. Its user-friendly interface, wide selection of templates, and free resources make it a favorite among many. While the premium version, Canva Pro, offers additional features and benefits, there is a question of whether it can be obtained for free. Let’s explore this!

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is the premium plan offered by Canva that comes with a host of additional features over and above the free version. These include access to a vast library of premium templates, photos and illustrations, ability to resize designs, save designs as templates, and many more.

Can You Get Canva Pro for Free?

Yes, you can get Canva Pro for free, but there’s a catch. Canva offers a 30-day free trial of the Pro version for new users. This means that for the first 30 days, you can enjoy all the benefits of Canva Pro without spending a dime. After this period, however, you’ll need to pay for the Pro subscription if you decide to continue using its features.

To access the free trial, sign up for Canva and then select the ‘Try free for 30 days’ option. You will need to provide billing information to access the free trial, but no money will be deducted from your account until the trial period is up.

Bear in mind that if you don’t want to continue with the Canva Pro subscription after the trial, you must cancel it before the 30-day period expires. If not, you’ll be automatically charged for the subscription.

Are there Other Ways to Get Canva Pro for Free?

Yes, there are a couple of other ways you can get Canva Pro for free. Canva has a referral program where you can get rewards for referring new users. For each new user that signs up using your referral link and becomes a Canva Pro member, you get a certain amount of Canva credit that you can use to pay for your Pro subscription.

An add-on to this is the Canva for Nonprofits program. If you are a nonprofit organization, Canva offers you free access to Canva Pro. You’ll need to apply for this program and provide proof of your nonprofit status.

Until next time, happy designing!