Can I Sell Ai Art On Society6

Society6 is a popular online marketplace for artists to sell their artwork. However, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to create unique and creative art, many artists are wondering if they can sell AI-generated art on Society6. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of selling AI art on Society6.

What is AI Art?

AI art refers to any artwork that has been created using artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms can generate unique and creative images, patterns, and designs that are often difficult for humans to replicate. Some popular examples of AI art include generative adversarial networks (GANs), which can create realistic images of people, places, and things, as well as style transfer algorithms, which can apply the style of one image to another.

Can I Sell AI Art on Society6?

The answer to this question is not entirely straightforward. While Society6 does allow artists to sell their artwork, there are some limitations and guidelines that must be followed. For example, all artwork sold on Society6 must be original and created by the artist themselves. This means that if you use AI algorithms to generate your artwork, you may not be able to sell it on Society6 unless you have made significant modifications or additions to the original image.

Alternatives to Selling AI Art on Society6

If you are unable to sell your AI art on Society6, there are still other options available. For example, you could consider selling your artwork on other online marketplaces or platforms that specialize in AI-generated art. Alternatively, you could explore licensing opportunities for your artwork, such as selling it to companies or individuals who may want to use it for commercial purposes.


In conclusion, while there are some limitations and guidelines to consider when selling AI art on Society6, it is still possible to do so with the right approach. By making significant modifications or additions to your AI-generated artwork, you may be able to sell it on Society6 and other online marketplaces. Alternatively, there are other options available for monetizing your AI art, such as licensing opportunities.