Can Google Originality Report Detect Ai

Can Google’s Originality Report detect if a piece of text was written by an AI, in addition to helping teachers and students check the originality of their work by comparing it with other sources on the internet?

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which means a computer program that can think and act like a human. It can write articles, answer questions, and even create art! But how does it do this?

How AI Writes Articles

AI uses a technique called natural language processing to understand the meaning of words and sentences. Then, it generates new text based on what it has learned. This means that the text may not be exactly the same as other sources, but it can still be considered plagiarism if it is too similar.

Can Google Originality Report Detect AI?

Google Originality Report is designed to detect plagiarism, which means copying someone else’s work without giving them credit. However, it may not be able to detect if the text was written by an AI because it does not have a specific algorithm for that. Therefore, it is possible that an AI-generated article could pass the originality check.


In conclusion, while Google Originality Report can help detect plagiarism, it may not be able to detect if the text was written by an AI. It is important for teachers and students to be aware of this limitation and use other tools or techniques to ensure that their work is original.