How Old Is Android 21

Android 21 is a character from the Dragon Ball series, and her age is a topic of much discussion among fans. As a fan myself, I’ve delved deep into the lore and background of Android 21 to uncover the mystery surrounding her age.

Android 21: Origins and Creation

Android 21 was originally a human named Dr. Gero’s wife, who was a brilliant scientist herself. However, after an experiment gone wrong, she was transformed into an android with a new identity and insatiable hunger for powerful fighters. This transformation makes it difficult to determine her actual age. On one hand, she retains memories and experiences from her human life, but on the other hand, her physical form is that of an android.

Debates and Theories

There are numerous debates and theories in the Dragon Ball community regarding Android 21’s age. Some believe that her age should be measured from the time of her human existence, while others argue that her age as an android should be considered. This debate adds an extra layer of complexity to the question of her age, fueling the fascination around this character.

Official Statements and Clues

While there hasn’t been an official statement regarding Android 21’s exact age, there are subtle clues within the Dragon Ball storyline that provide hints. These hints are often open to interpretation, adding to the intrigue for fans who enjoy dissecting every detail of the series.

My Personal Take

As a dedicated fan, I find the enigma of Android 21’s age to be part of her allure. The ambiguity allows for a range of interpretations and discussions within the fan community, making her character even more captivating. Regardless of her chronological age, Android 21’s complex backstory and compelling personality make her a standout figure within the Dragon Ball universe.


While the exact age of Android 21 may remain a mystery, the intrigue and speculation surrounding her character only add to the depth of the Dragon Ball series. As a fan, I look forward to further exploration of Android 21’s story and the potential revelation of more clues about her age in future Dragon Ball content.